Washington DC In-Person and Online Hybrid Event

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Sponsorship of 2023 IEEE Computer Society’s Digital Platforms and Societal Harms event is an opportunity for organizations to be visible as positive stakeholders in addressing digital harms and creating a safer online world. 

The event focuses on solutions to Hate Speech, Extremism, Exploitation, Misinformation, and  Disinformation, some of the  most pressing societal harms amplified through digital platforms. Participants will hear insights from experts developing cutting-edge technical solutions, learn how governments and civil society are tackling these challenges, and consider public policy experts’ recommendations for the future. These sessions will be available both in-person in Washington DC, and to our online audience.

This year, there are three types of on-site branding opportunities: Gold Sponsorship, Silver Sponsorship and Bronze Sponsorship. These sponsors will all be recognized at the official event website, and are allowed to set up a stall at the event, where they may speak with participants, showcase products or services, and distribute marketing material. In addition, there are two special types of sponsorship: Student Attendance Sponsorship for universities and Local Event Sponsorship for IEEE Sections and Chapters.

Gold Sponsorship: $10,000

The Gold Sponsorship package is an exclusive sponsorship opportunity to gain maximum benefits from the Tech Forum. As our Gold Sponsors, you will be provided with:

    • A large size logo in conference program and banners
    • Individual  Acknowledgement with your logo at the start or end of each of the three panel sessions 
    • Individual acknowledgement with your logo in the post-conference videos 
    • Listed on the sponsors slide presented during opening/closing session by the Chair
    • A stall at the event
    • Four in-person event tickets

Silver Sponsorship: $5,000

The Silver Sponsorship package provides great value for money on a range of benefits, without the exclusive elements of the Gold Sponsorship package. Silver Sponsors will be provided with:

    • A medium size logo in conference program and banners 
    • Acknowledgement including your logo besides other silver sponsors in the post-conference videos 
    • Listed on the sponsors slide presented during opening/closing session by the Chair
    • A stall at the event
    • Three event tickets (either in-person or online)

Bronze Sponsorship: $1,000

Bronze Sponsors will receive exposure and branding opportunities at the event including:

    • A small size logo in conference program
    • Listed on the sponsors slide presented during opening/closing session by the Chair
    • A stall at the event
    • Two event tickets (either in-person or online)

Student Attendance Sponsorship: $800 per 50 students

This sponsorship is only for academic institutions and allows you to have one or more groups of up to 50 students join one panel online. The panel must be specified and students will then need to register (free) for one of the limited tickets issued to you.

This offer closes on September 15th, 2023.

Local Event Sponsorship: $200 (open until September 4th)

This sponsorship is only available to IEEE Sections and IEEE Chapters and allows you to run a local event with your attendees to watch and discuss any of the panels together. This may be done live, or by watching the recording at any time within 2 weeks of the event.

Please note that Local Event Sponsorship allows one online account and also requires a report on attendance numbers and a photograph be sent to the organizers. This is in addition to the requirements to submit an L31 form for your section/chapter activity.

A Local Event Sponsor may provide the event to participants for free, or may charge (and keep) an entry fee to cover the associated costs (e.g. the $200 registration, room hire, catering and other expenses). 

This offer closes on September 11th, 2023.


1. We encourage creativity and are open to new ideas to bring values to both sponsors and attendees. However, sponsors will be required to work closely with the organizers to discuss any external materials, equipment, give-aways, or services that will be provided and will be subject to the organizers approval.

2. Equipment or materials that require complex set up may require additional cost to the sponsor, and coordination with the organizers. 

If you’re interested in sponsoring or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our sponsorship lead, Yuhong Liu. We look forward to hearing from you!