17 Oct. to 4 Nov. 2022

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Digital Platforms and Societal Harms Tech Forum 2022

Technology leaders, policy makers, researchers, and concerned computing professionals are joining to collectively explore current and emerging challenges and responses. These are conversations you don’t want to miss!

The fast-paced development of innovative computing technologies that constitute today’s digital platforms, from social media, to games, to the metaverse, are having large-scale impacts – good and bad – on day-to-day life. The harms that emerge on these digital platforms are among the defining issues of our time.

The IEEE Computer Society’s Digital Platforms and Societal Harms event brings together policymakers and technologists to explore the intersection of current technical efforts with public policies, and the resulting impacts to society.

This event focuses on Hate Speech, Extremism & Exploitation, and Misinformation & Disinformation, some of  key contributors to societal harm that are amplified through digital platforms. The event will deliver insights from experts developing cutting-edge technical solutions, hear how governments and civil society are tackling these challenges, and learn what public policy experts recommend for the future. Participants will hear  from experts, join Q&A sessions with the speakers, and participate in small group discussions on each topic.

This is a free event sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, however, registration is essential and places are limited. Register now to avoid disappointment. We also encourage attendees to make a donation through the IEEE Foundation to support diversity and inclusion activities in the computing field, as well as events like this one which tackle technology-related social issues that impacting minorities and the inclusiveness of society.  

Key Objectives of the Forum

  • Bringing together public policy professionals, civil society, and tech experts to strengthen the alignment between these groups and encourage an effective balance between protecting freedom of expression and preventing societal harms.
  • Learning about new approaches that require collaboration between policy and tech.
  • Delivering a unique experience to stimulate ideas and creative solutions from all angles
  • Facilitate networking across disciplines, sectors, and countries

Benefits for Civil Society Attendees and Policy Makers

  • Hear about existing technologies that could solve challenges presented by societal harms.
  • Participate in break-out discussions that provide an objective space for civil society attendees and policy makers to meet with technical professionals.
  • Dispel myths through access to a baseline of knowledge suited for government officials and employees, and gain objective insights into the spectrum of challenges and solutions.
  • Share concerns with technologists who are actively working on solutions.

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