Join us at the 2024 IEEE Conference on
Digital Platforms and Societal Harms in Washington, DC
14-15 October, 2024

With the pervasiveness of digital platforms and social media, digital information can be easily created and shared online by individuals, including people and bots, which significantly changes how humans access, perceive, search and consume information. More people are making their economic, political, health and daily life decisions by referring to online information due to its convenience and low cost. Yet, these digital platforms have become a battleground for bad actors to fabricate and propagate massive amounts of harmful information, including hate speech, discrimination, violent extremism, child sexual abuse, disinformation and misinformation, with massive online engagement. The uncontrolled rapid propagation of such harmful information can lead to severe consequences in human society, including hostile online environments, damaging people’s confidence in trusting online information, and even endangering people’s lives.

Addressing the creation, propagation and engagement of harmful digital information, however, is a complex problem that requires broad collaboration among various stakeholders, including technologists, law and policy makers, non-profit organizations, private sectors, and end users. There is an emerging need for these stakeholders and researchers of multiple disciplines (e.g., computing, communication, journalism, psychology, law, public policy, etc.) to have a joint forum to understand the challenges, exchange ideas, and explore possible solutions to today’s information warfare.

This event focuses on Hate Speech, Extremism & Exploitation, and Misinformation & Disinformation, some of  key contributors to societal harm that are amplified through digital platforms. The event will deliver insights from experts developing cutting-edge technical solutions, hear how governments and civil society are tackling these challenges, and learn what public policy experts recommend for the future. Participants will hear from experts, join Q&A sessions with the speakers, and participate in small group discussions on each topic.